The ocean at our fingertips

Some people say that Maldives is a dot of sand among the vast waters of the Indian Ocean, which is true in a way since we would have to zoom in to the Google Maps to locate Maldives from the Map. Despite being that small, Maldives for sure is a huge holiday destination. We take pride in our pristine ocean and our white sandy beaches which are none like another. Our islands stand each on their own but are very close to one another with the linking of one island to the other by sea transfers.

Our ancestors are the ultimate seafarers who paved the path of travelling from one island to the other by boats. They sailed the vast oceans without the help of engines or apps but by looking through the stars and the sky for guidance. It sure amazes us to think about the advancements in transportation that we have today.

Photo : Shoimon

Fast forward several decades, the seamanship of our ancestors has passed down to us and we have several sea-transportation options at our fingertips. Ferry boats, speed boats and other modes of sea travel could easily be booked at the blink of an eye. It is inexpensive, at times comfortable and gives you killer views of the Maldivian waters every time!

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