Marine life bucket list



Whale sharks are not harmful at all. Don’t be scared of this big beauty, it won’t harm you as whale shark feeds on planktons. The whale shark travels all over the Maldives but most sightings have been reported in Baa Atoll & Alif Alif Atoll.

Manta Ray

One of the beautiful creatures you will ever encounter in your life. The movement and its behavior is beyond anything. They are friendly and sometimes they swim in huge numbers. It’s really satisfying to see how they feed on small planktons or which we call “The Manta Dance”. Each atoll has a special place which they gather around aka “Manta Cleaning station”, ask your snorkeling guide to take you to see them and they will do the rest.

Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are protected by the Environment Ministry of the Maldives. The calm and super friendly turtles are spotted in almost every corner of the Maldives. The chances are high to see one of these beauties on your snorkeling spot.

Hammerhead Shark

So named for the unusual and distinctive structure of their heads, the Hammerhead sharks are often found swimming along the bottom of the ocean. These sharks do hunt in the shallow waters (20m – 30m) to get their prey’s. This is the best time you can get to see them, but remember just like any other marine creature there is a slight chance you might not see them. The famous dive sites for hammer head sharks are Rasdhoo & Fuvahmulah.