List of Islands that you can take tickets via ODIAPP


This Eid, you can travel to more than 30 Islands Via our platform for passengers. Below are the list of islands that you can now take tickets online. List is updated as of Friday 22 Apr, 2022

  1. K. Dhiffushi
  2. K. Malé
  3. Adh. Haggnaameedhoo
  4. Adh. Omadhoo
  5. Adh. Mahibadhoo
  6. Adh. Kunburudhoo
  7. Adh. Dhigurah
  8. Adh. Dhangethi
  9. AA. Rasdhoo
  10. AA. Ukulhas
  11. AA. Bodufulhadhoo
  12. AA. Mathiveri
  13. AA. Thohdhoo
  14. V. Fulidhoo
  15. V. Felidhoo
  16. V. Thinadhoo
  17. V. Keyodhoo
  18. R. Alifushi
  19. R. Vaadhoo
  20. R. Rasgetheemu
  21. R. Angolhitheemu
  22. R. Hulhudhuffaaru
  23. R. Ungoofaar
  24. R. Dhuvaafaru
  25. R. Maakurathu
  26. R. Rasmaadhoo
  27. R. Innamaadho
  28. R. Inguraidhoo
  29. R. Fainu
  30. R. Kinolhas
  31. R. Meedhoo
  32. B. Kendhoo
  33. B. Dharavandhoo

For the issues that you may find or a suggestion that you might have, you can either email to pr@odi.travel or just give us a call at +960 9920022.

We appreciate your support in our journey to create a unified platform for your journey between the islands of the Maldives.

with 💚 from odiapp team.