These are Most Frequently Asked Questions answered


Common FAQs of ODIAPP

How do I get started to book online?

First you need to login or create a login to get our services. You can start by visiting “Book” in the bottom navigation on the app. You will then be guided through a short process of planning an itinerary, selecting speedboats, and making ticketing arrangements.

How do I book a Ticket?

When you search for a place to travel on ODIAPP, you need to fill in a few details about your itinerary in order to check if a speedboat is available for that route.

1. Click “Lets start your Trip?” on the home page or go to “book” button on the bottom of the navigation.

2. Build an itinerary to suit your travel plans

3. Click Search

4. If there is a speedboat(s) available you can select your preferred speedboat.

5. Select how many pax are travelling

6. Pay online by credit card using our secure server. (Or) request for a booking if online payment for selected route is not available.

Where can I see my booked Ticket?

All of your trips are in the “MyTrips” page. All your “upcoming trips” are on top of the page. Once the trip is completed you will see all your trips under “Previous Trips”. After clicking your itinerary you can select the view or edit itinerary to see your ticket.

Can I make a booking via phone call?

YES. You can call our hotline number +9609920022 to make a booking. However the bookings made through our call centre has a payment time limit of 01 hour. If the payment is not confirmed your booking will be canceled. Payment for such bookings can be made via Online transfer or by cash.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you may cancel any of your tickets prior to 24 hours of the speedboat departure. A standard cancellation charge of 4% will be applied. For the tickets which are cancelled less than 24 hours of the speedboat departure, NO-REFUND will be provided.

How many times can I cancel my bookings?

There is no certain limit for cancellations. However if a user cancels tickets oftenly without a valid reason, ODIAPP has the right to ban the user from all platforms under the term misuse of service.

I am a tourist. Can I book a ticket as a local?

No. When booking a ticket we advise to choose If you are a tourist and you purchased a local ticket, you won’t be able to board to the speedboat as this ticket will be invalid.

Can I request a private hire on odiapp?

You can private hire speed boats through choosing option “Hire a Vessel” on the booking itinerary page. This service includes hiring a private speed boat for your requirement.